Passion for Performance

For more than 70 years, we are manufacturing ready-to-install roller solution for a variety of applications. As it is our ambition to develop and manufacture best possible products featuring outstanding performance data, we have gained a leading position within many industries. We also manufacture customized parts, small batch series as well as rollers in larger quantities. Together with you, we are looking forward to discover and tap for new applications for our products.



Amazing Variety

As diverse as roller systems turn out as different are our answers. We manufacture simple winder- and guide rollers with pure guiding tasks as well as high complex thermal heat- and cooling systems targeted for temperature control of material web. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture rollers with heavy load, minimum bending characteristics, highest revolution speed with minimal oscillation amplitudes as well as numerous further special requirements. For us the combination of a variety of highest demands is rather rule than exception.

Of course, the coatings of our rollers are balanced according to the specific requirements and all products made at HÄHL – irrespective of use and application – meet as a matter of fact our demand for perfection and performance.


Unlimited Applications

The traditional application field for rollers is wherever guiding media is manufactured or processed. Especially, applications which are requesting a high demand regarding efficiency, rollers made by HÄHL are preferably installed.

We mainly focus on manufacturing and processing of casting respectively mono- as well as biaxial stretched plastic film and plastic sheet including cutting, coating, laminating as well as flexo printing. In addition, we supply companies belonging to nonwovens-, textile-, chemical-, food-, metal-,electronic-, paper- and further industries.

Worldwide, we have gained a leading position in numerous application fields. Did we miss your branch? Please do contact us.


(Nearly) Unlimited Dimensions

We cover virtually the entire range of dimensions for the typical web-guiding applications of roll systems.

From very small heating/cooling rolls starting at a diameter of 80 mm and a length of 500 mm up to a diameter of 1,200 mm and an overall length of 14,000 mm. Furthermore, we produce rolls with a diameter of up to 3,000 mm and a total length of 6,000 mm.

Tolerances in the micron range are more of a rule for us than the exception.


Countless Materials

For us, the priority is not the material, but the optimal solution! We manufacture our rolls from a wide range of materials without a preference for a single specific material. In order to achieve the optimum solution, we use the following materials or alloys, among others:


SURCO® – Integrated Surface Technolgy

The main focus of our work has always been on the development of surfaces, their manufacturing and machining but also the functionality in terms of application. Due to a close cooperation with strategic coating partners and on the other hand their close interlocking with our own in-house coating- and machining procedures, we are in the position to offer an almost unlimited choice of surface solutions which are individually applied in an optimal way on the requested application.

IoT 4.0

High Performance goes Cloud

We are not only concerned about a perfect product at the time of delivery but also about optimal use over the entire service life of our products. For our heating and cooling rollers, we have therefore developed a cloud-based live monitoring system with which we can record and evaluate the performance values in real time and thus ensure the longest possible resource-saving and optimal use. A smart idea with a sustainable effect.