SURCO® – Integrated Surface Solutions

The main focus of our work has always been on the development of surfaces, their manufacturing and machining but also the functionality in terms of application. Due to a close cooperation with strategic coating partners and on the other hand their close interlocking with our own in-house coating- and machining procedures, we are in the position to offer an almost unlimited choice of surface solutions which are individually applied in an optimal way on the requested application. Galvanic spray coatings, rubber coatings and composite special solutions.


Efficient Functionality

Galvanic hard chromium coatings still belong to the most efficient surface layers featuring outstanding wear characteristics. In combination with nickel- or copper layers as a basis layer it is, in addition, possible to assure excellent corrosion characteristics. Due to the extremely wide range of possible surface roughness and mat procedures the layer conditions are very individual. Therefore, we are certain to be in the position to offer you the most suitable combination for your needed application.


Individual High Performance

For a long time first class layer systems are being produced with diverse thermal coating procedures in order to meet customer demands, especially regarding wear protection (abrasion, erosion), well-directed coefficient of friction as well as thermic and electric isolation tasks. Together with our cooperation partners and our in-house surface treatment Know how, we are certain to find the best spray coating solution for your needs.


Optimal Composition – Synthesis of Art and Nature

Rubber coatings made of natural or synthetic caoutchouc offer an incredible scope of characteristics for diverse applications. Together with our supplieres for raw materials ,we have made a diligent choice  of powerful and high specialized caoutchouc systems  which enable now to offer optimal surface coating systems on the highest mechanical and also chemical respectively thermal level.



Creative Innovation

Our composite coatings offer outstanding and / or also new characteristics  as we are combining diverse materials in an unique compound material on an extremely economical level. We are crossing boarders in terms of already common and known prodcution processes  and realize innovative coating systems  which are showing unique thermal, chemical, electrical and mechanical characteristics. Did we make you curious?


Boundless Variety

As manifold as requirements for the various applications are, as various turn out to be the methods of resolution regarding surface coating systems. Further to our long expierence in most diverse industries and branches, for us the key to solving the problem is seen in an interdisciplinary approach, as there are either explicitly coating systems, constructive geometry solutions or special surface treatments. Please get in touch with us! We are certain to find out which is the best solution for you!


Find out more about the materials we use. Together, let us find out, which materials and which product meets your requirements best. Please, simple revert to our material section or if you like – get in touch with us.