Cylite® – Driven by Performance

Our many years of experience in the production of composite components, with a multitude of improvements for testing and details, are the basis for our current process technology for the production of a wide variety of components in a broad range of production processes. Our high-performance Cylite® filament winding process has let us set new benchmarks in our industry.


Noncritical Application

Since the mid 1980’s we are manufacturing high performance rolls made of CFRP and we consider ourselves as pioneers regarding manufacturing of CFRP rolls. Today rolls made of CFRP are especially applied in lines with large width, fast line speed or low bending. Together with our HybridCore® technology combined with CFRP core and metallic outer body we can add the material characteristics of both worlds in an ideal way.


Easy Power Transmission

High speed power unit for marine applications, high speed power for wind energy turbines or, e. g. high speed generators for energy extraction – the variety of applications for high speed drive shafts made of CFRP is immense. HÄHL manufactures individual designed drive shafts with a moment of torque up to 5,0000 kNm for many different kind of industrial applications. Of course providing an optimal connection between CFRP shaft and metal flange respectively connectors.


Innovative Lightweight Construction

Due to the outstanding specific properties of CFRP structures, the use of carbon fiber composite materials in place of steel and aluminum is now being considered in many applications. We have already carried out numerous development and manufacturing projects in the fields of mobile crane applications, petroleum exploration technology, building construction infrastructures, and, for example, sea water desalination. Therefore, we are looking forward to your own challenge!


Customized Profile Solutions

Structural elements made of round, oval, rectangular or polygonal CFRP components form the basis for numerous possible applications in mechanical engineering, aviation, the construction industry and architecture. We would be pleased to manufacture individual profiles for you with material properties that have been optimally adapted to the shape.


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