2 Continents – 4 Locations

As a partner and supplier for a wide variety of industrial sectors, we are now developing and manufacturing products for our business units at 4 locations in Germany and China. In addition, we are an engineering partner and service provider for the product development and manufacturing of our customers.


Passion for Performance

For more than 70 years, we are manufacturing ready-to-install roller solution for a variety of applications. As it is our ambition to develop and manufacture best possible products featuring outstanding performance data, we have gained a leading position within many industries. Today, we focus on the plastics industry and all related manufacturing and processing areas, setting constantly new industry standards and, of course, integrating technological trends such as IoT 4.0 for optimum customer benefit.


SURCO® – Integrated Surface Solutions

The main focus of our work has always been on the development of surfaces, their manufacturing and machining but also the functionality in terms of application. Due to a close cooperation with strategic coating partners and on the other hand their close interlocking with our own in-house coating- and machining procedures, we are in the position to offer an almost unlimited choice of surface solutions which are individually applied in an optimal way on the requested application.


Shift Boundaries

Since the seventies, we have been a pioneer in the processing of composite materials in the field of mechanical engineering. At the end of the last decade, we have expanded our production capacities and since then have been setting new benchmarks for achievable product properties with our process technology.


Awarded Service

For more than a decade, we have been a successful service partner for the manufacturing of tools for the oil- and gas service industry. Due to our special Know how regarding handling of difficult to machine respectively non-machinable materials within safety critical environments we acquired an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier and partner.



Committed to Precision

Due to our extensive Know how regarding machining of a wide range of materials and raw material as well as having a flexible machine pool, we have been a reliable service partner for the manufacturing of products and components for the Engineering industry for many years.