Committed to Precision

With our extensive know-how in the processing of a wide variety of materials, as well as our large and flexible machinery pool, we have for many years been a reliable service provider for the production of products, as well as specialists for general mechanical engineering and numerous other industries.

We turn, mill, drill, grind, weld, and join both simple classes of materials as well as high-strength materials that are extremely difficult to machine (if at all), such as nickel-based and titanium alloys. We also process CFRP and GRP materials using a wide variety of manufacturing processes and operate our own coating systems for polymer materials.


Amazing Spectrum

Turning & Grinding

Turning and grinding up to 14m length and 1,2m diameter or 3m diameter and 6m length.


Milling up to 900mm diameter and 6m length

Eccentric Deep Hole Drilling

Eccentric deep hole drilling with diameters of smaller 5mm and up to length of 4m

Inside Machining

Inside machining with diameter smaller 60mm and diameter-length-ration of more than 20 in ISO-Tolerance class IT3

Thermal Shrinking

Thermal shrinking processes of big size components including certified welding processes and build-up welding

Filament Winding

Cylite® filament-winding und laminating of CFRP- und GRP-materials


Coating made of rubber materials and other polymer materials

Mechanical Surface Treatment

Mechanical surface treatment including manufacturing of mirror polished layers made of chrome and tungsten carbide.


from isotropic to anisotropic


seamless processing and approved quality

3D Tools

The latest versions of 3D design tools and calculation programs, including finite element analyses, based on 3D Autodesk Inventor and Ansys

CAM Software

Integrated CAM software for programming machine controls based on existing 3D designs


SAP as an IT platform for portraying all financial and logistics processes at all locations, including real-time tracking of production processes

Office 365

Office 365 cloud service for the communication and collaboration

DIN ISO 9001

Certified quality management system


Certified manufacturer for marine applications

Gas- and Oil Service Industry

Award-winning manufacturer for the oil and gas service industry

Pressure Vessels

Certified manufacturer of pressure vessels

DIN ISO 9100

The certification process for the aviation industry is in preparation